Housings for B+R PLC for Müller Martini Concept

We can offer a Set of new housings of the B+R PLC of the Müller Martini Concept2.

The original plastic housing of the PLC boards from B+R get brittle during the years! It happens often that the parts brake and the electrical contact is not ensured any more. 

We can offer 3D printed parts of the affected parts:

10 pieces of the rear holder

10 pieces of the left housing of the electrical board

10 pieces of the right housing of the electrical board

Not included in our offer are small parts for fixation (violet plastic parts), metal springs, screws, doors,  and all electrical parts! Also the center frame of the wide insert can be reused and is not part of our offer.
We supply 10 sets, each consisting of 1 rear holder, 1 left housing, 1 right housing.